Welcome back everyone!

We're thrilled to be able to open our doors again next Monday the 17th May and welcome everyone back.

We've been beavering away through the lockdown and have a gorgeous new shop ready for you!  We've given the whole shop a fresh coat of paint, and completely revamped the floor.  The shop itself is looking brighter and more beautiful than ever, so we really can't wait to show you all what we've done. 

We're also working with a bunch of amazing new Irish artists and designers, and there's more pieces coming in as I write - here's a flavour of what's in store!

Irish Children's Books

As a new grandmother, one of my favourite things to do with the little ones is settle down with a great book.  Ireland has such a rich literary heritage, but it's not all Joyce and Beckett - we have some amazing children's authors and illustrators too!   We're branching out into a new space with some fun and quirky children's books we think you'll love - its just a start, so watch this space. 

Peter Donnelly

We love Peter Donnelly's books about the President's lifestyle - I didn't know he had such an interesting life!  Read about it in 'The President's Cat', 'The President's Glasses' and 'The President's Surprise'. 

The Natural History Museum in Dublin was a favourite special treat for me as a child, and I'm looking forward to introducing my grandchildren to it someday soon.  'The Dead Zoo' is a fun story set in the museum and kids will love it!

The Little Library

We also want to encourage our children to learn about our heritage and some of the people who have shaped our nation so we have a selection from The Little Library by John and Fatti Burke featuring some stand out characters from Irish History - learn about Granuaile (the pirate queen!), Brian Boru, Countess Markievicz, and others. 

The Adventures of Johnny Magory

These fun stories about Johnny Magory will get the kids outside exploring & connecting with nature and learning about Irish heritage & wildlife (but through lots of craic and grá!).  Perfect for blowing away the cobwebs after such a long year!

Be an Irish Explorer

And to help keep the kids occupied on your staycation road trips this year, we have a super activity book for them - 'Be an Irish Explorer'  by one of our new artists Bex Shelford!  I should just mention that Powerscourt House gets a mention in this book about the famous places in our land!

So our doors open on Monday morning at 10.00 am and we look forward to seeing each and everyone of our loyal customers coming back and lots of new people discovering the best of Irish design in the Design Loft.

Don't forget if you can't get to the shop we have lots of our pieces on line and you can find them all here at 

 Stay safe and see you soon.



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