Debbie Millington

“People call me the Queen of transformative colour or the colour sorceress as I live a life full of what is colourful exotic and inspiring”

Among silk scarves, this Irish designer brand is different. Inspired by travel and story, Debbie Millington scarves are designed to carry vivid and true colour, to elevate mood and channel personality.

Travelling the world introduced me to the importance of colour and the power of wearing colour. I experienced first hand how people of different ethnic cultures were using colour to express themselves, and how colour holds such deep meaning & symbolism for them. I learnt that wearing bright colours immediately changes ones mood and makes one look and feel more youthful.

Colour transforms. Colour energises. Or calms. It is a language of vivid feelings, and it speaks of confidence and personality. Our scarves and accessories represent a unique juxtaposition of colour, shape and pattern. They empower you. Enhance mood and lift complexion.

I choose to use a very different ‘weight’ silk for the collection. It is lighter, more flowing, more fluid. Known to silk makers as a ‘10 weight’, this weave also means colours are more vibrant. Our silk is almost creamy. Softer with incredible sheen and lustre. Matched with our design expertise pigments come alive, radiating next to the skin. 

Silk is unique. The feel. The look. It also has transformative powers. It makes us feel how we want to feel. We choose the mood. Emotional tones ripple vividly across the silk. The luxury of its touch and intimacy against the skin is unrivalled. It makes us feel different, reinforcing positive mood and energy. Together colour and silk have the power to change our state of mind and wearing a Debbie Millington iridescent silk scarf, gives you the energy and confidence to take on the world. 

Timeless but always contemporary, a silk scarf is an heirloom piece more precious than gold.


“ As brand designer I have always supported efforts in developing positive change in the fashion industry and one of the main concerns in the development of the brand, was the sustainability of the product and its impact on the environment and “safe” fashion.  There are no tiny hands exploited at any stage in production of this product. The scarves are made by a highly reputable UK based company and not mass produced in China or India. Scarves are digitally printed onto silk using non toxic “Azo Free” dyes, biodegradable inks, recycled water and less energy and our designer gift packaging is made from 100% recycled card and paper using soy based dyes”

— Debbie Millington

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