Tiny Galway

As a student, some twenty odd years ago, Galway was my favourite Irish city. It still has that colourful, exciting atmosphere - a mixture between Conemara fishing village, medieval castles and a modern, culture-rich, cosmopolitan city. It was hard to choose from such a lot of beautiful buildings and original shopfronts. In this first edition of Tiny Galway, I have included models of five shops on Quay Street: Thomas Dillon's, Wooden Heart, Twice As Nice, Riordan's and The Druid Lane Restaurant.

Perfect for sending to Galway Lovers all over the world!

Designed and painted by Anke Eckardt in her West Cork studio.

Printed & packed in Co.Cork Ireland

All you need is scissors and glue to make these great models inspired by the buildings to be found in Galway City.

Each kit contains five models carefully enriched with minute details, capturing that essential feel of Galway.

Clear, easy to follow instructions included.

Each kit comes in an attractive folder containing five miniatures printed on 220gsm card, ready to cut out and assemble.

Average size of each model: approx 13cm x 10cm x 6cm

Scale: 1:76