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    Our physical store is closed - so let us do the shopping for you!

    We (like so many other small businesses) have had to close our physical shop once again due to COVID-19.  This makes it more important than ever that we all choose to support small and local Irish designers and makers, especially in the run up to Christmas.  These are some of the toughest times many of us have faced in our businesses, and every single purchase makes a difference.

    Obviously, with our physical store closed, it’s a bit trickier for you to make your choices, but we’re here to help!  We’ve launched a special remote personal shopping experience – this is a completely free, genuinely no obligation, one-to-one session with our owner and curator Heather, who will help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

    Don’t forget, our website is only a snapshot of what we have in the physical store – we have so much more we would love to have online but we just haven’t been able to get it up quickly enough.  Through this service, we can show you all of the other options available to you that you won’t see on the website.

    We’ve always done this for you in store (of course!) and we’re really keen to give you exactly the same level of service even with the challenges we are all facing. 

    To arrange your personal shopping with Heather, fill in the form below or give her a call on her mobile number (also below).  Heather will talk you through the various options we have, and if you would like we can arrange to do this over a video link from the shop, so that you can actually see the products.  If you do decide to make a purchase, we can then take payment over the phone, or send you a personalised link to pay through our online store.  We can then arrange delivery or collection of your order with you, free of charge of course (when you spend over €30).  It really is super simple, and we are trying to make this as close to shopping in the store as we can!

    We really do mean it when we say this is no obligation – it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to spend €10 or €200, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, that’s not a problem!  This is our way of re-opening The Design Loft in really difficult circumstances, and we are so excited to be able to help you in this way.

    If you’ve any questions at all, please reach out using the form below or give us a call.

    Get in Touch

    My mobile number is 086-329-8774 so feel free to give me a ring, and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for!  If I can't answer the phone when you call, just leave a message and I'll give you a call back as soon as I can.

    Alternatively you can email me at heather@designloft.ie, or fill out the form below!

    - Heather

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    Get in touch today so that we can organise your personal shopping for you!