Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with Swarovski® Crystals



    The Sterling Silver Claddagh ring encrusted with brilliant white Swarovski® crystals is a beautiful take on the traditional hands, heart, and crown symbol. The classic Celtic staple is elevated with the addition of bright white crystals and a lovely inscription on the inner band to create an elegant treasure.

    Love, Loyalty and Friendship

    The Claddagh ring is a traditional expression of devotion in Celtic lore. Each of the three images represents an idea of importance. The hands are for friendship, the crown above is for loyalty and the heart is, of course, for love. In this piece the crown is embellished with sterling silver detailing for a dazzling effect over the incredible beauty of the crystals. White crystals, in addition to their allure, suggest purity and clarity. The engraving on the inner part of the band reads, ?Love, Loyalty, Friendship,? in fine script.

    Tradition and Beauty

    This elegant Claddagh ring makes a most significant gesture to whomever it is bestowed. Celtic tradition and incredible craftsmanship come together for this gesture of love, loyalty, and friendship.