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    Moving Pictures

    DH Chris Judge Shade - Woodland


    Woodlands is one of a delightful new range of rotating lampshades from contemporary Irish artists and designers, specially commissioned by Moving Pictures. This piece was designed by Chris Judge.

    Shade measures: 25 cms in diameter, 25 cms in height.
    Used with: 60 watt max incandescent or 11 watt max CFL long life bulb.

    Simple to fit rotating lampshades which require no wiring or batteries!

    Moving Pictures Rotating Lampshades® are a marvelous way to add light, colour, and movement to a nursery or child's room. You can see the lampshade revolve in the package - as if by magic!

    We have been working for the last few years on a new innovative patented system for creating movement in children’s lampshades. We discovered that light emission from any light bulb, if placed close to a solar panel would turn a small motor and create rotation in the lampshade.

    The next step was to source the best materials to work with and design the most exciting and appealing patterns possible for children. Finally we wanted the packaging to be different and attractive to show this new product in the best possible way.

    • Rotates for free from the light of any bulb.
    • Green product and eco-friendly, magical for kids.
    • You can see the lampshade revolving in the package – as if by magic!