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    Debbie Millington

    Kabuki Masks Silk Scarf by Debbie Millington

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    Among silk scarves, this Irish designer brand is different. Inspired by travel and story, Debbie Millington scarves are designed to carry vivid and true colour, to elevate mood and channel personality.

    Debbie uses a very different ‘weight’ silk for the collection. It is lighter, more flowing, more fluid. Known to silk makers as a ‘10 weight’, this weave also means colours are more vibrant. This silk is almost creamy - softer with incredible sheen and lustre. Together with Debbie's design expertise pigments come alive, radiating next to the skin. 

    This design is inspired by Kabuki  - a Japanese art form rich in showmanship with elaborate costumes, eye-catching make-up, outlandish wigs and dynamic stage sets.  

    All scarves are printed sustainably using non toxic Azo Free dyes on 100% soft natural silk with rolled hems. 

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