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    Jo Browne

    Aroma Bamboo Diffuser


    With light therapy that can be fixed to one colour or turned off, Jo Browne Aroma diffuser uses cool mist so never gets hot.

    How to use:
    So Easy, Plug it in, Lift up the cap. Add water to the Max line and 3 drops of your favourite Jo Browne Blends. And press the two buttons to set your desired mode.


    • Delivers the perfect amount of scent in minutes the effect of essential oils can have a overall physical and emotions well being.
    • At the touch of a button you can achieve better sleep, less stress, or a mood lift.
    • Helps purifies the air.
    • Reduces dust in the air.
    • Aroma diffusers have a ionizing effect, The air quality is improved because more negative ions are released in to the air.
    • Spreads scent quickly throughout a room.
    • Humidifies the air and looks fabulous in any room.