Ría Organics

    Our story


    Ría Organics was officially launched in 2017 by the King siblings of County Wicklow. A true family collaboration, their surname is instilled in the name Ría Organics; ‘Rí’ being an Irish word meaning King.


    Ría Organics is a boutique skincare range that meets the highest internationally recognised organic certification, the COSMOS-standard. Great care was taken to select the most nourishing ingredients when creating the creams. They are loaded with organic oils, extracts, and actives of the finest grade. The family wanted the range to maintain its organic integrity and have the easy absorption properties, textures and fragrances expected of a quality skincare line.


    Our Promise


    The Ría Organics range is completely free from toxic, irritating and harsh chemicals. We use the mildest nature-approved preservation systems to deliver lasting and wholesome premium beauty products. We are devoted to using the best natural and organic ingredients and will continue our research to ensure that our products contain the most nourishing organic oils, butters, tinctures, extracts and actives. We want you to know that we work hard to select the very best moisturising options in order to provide products that your skin will not only benefit from, but also look forward to.


    We are an environmentally conscious brand. Our organically farmed ingredients promote biodiversity and responsible use of natural resources. All of our products are people-tested and none of our raw ingredients have been tested on animals. Our packaging choices are also 100% recyclable. We will continue to strive to reduce our carbon footprint as our company grows by embracing new ways to reduce our impact on the planet.


    Why Certified Organic?


    We believed it was important to have our organic status officially recognised. We chose the most stringent certification process, the COSMOS-standard, to demonstrate that we are ‘serious about organic.’ Under this standard the Soil Association analyses the ingredients that go into our creams to ensure no unhealthy procedures or substances were used during the growing and processing stages. To obtain our COSMOS organic stamp, we also had to ensure the processes used to clean our manufacturing equipment did not involve harsh chemicals. You can rest assured that we’re dedicated to using truly organic ingredients.